Our nationally and internationally Goal is the production, development and marketing of the apiterápicos products from natural and unique raw materials from Brazil and Spain, in addition to the research and development of new products from where these active ingredients of raw materials benefit.

We elaborate high quality organic and conventional products from special selected raw materials originating from Spain and Brazil.

Deserves special mention the propolis with which we work: the (Green Propolis), which differs from the traditional for its high concentration of active ingredient ARTEPILLIN C, Flavonoids and Fenoides. This specific active ingredients make, besides being more effective in the known properties to   help in the treatment and prevention of tumors, as evidenced by numerous publications in Brazil, Japan and USA scientific studies.

Green propolis is produced by Africanized bees in Brazil (Apis mellifera) from the resin of the plant Alecrín do Campo, botanical origin: Baccharis Dracunculifolia, which is a Brazilian endemic area of ​​Minas Gerais.

Bruno Cavatoni Serra, founding partner of the company, is a native of Minas Gerais and has worked as a beekeeper there for 30 years. He has developed própolis production projects in his province, so it knows the product. Taking advantage of 30 years of experience and having our own hives we offer a green própolis of excellent quality. The so-called Ultra Green Propolis for its particular concentration of active ingredients.

We are the first company in Europe that distributes products with green propolis Ultra green purified. It is an exclusive and limited raw material. You can request reports demonstrating the origin and authenticity of our propolis. Studies of Japanese companies’ shows that the properties of this propolis are a result of the process from the type of bee indicated before and the plant mentioned under the climatic conditions occurring on the ground in the area of Minas Gerais. Attempted cultivation of this plant in other regions and countries produce propolis of different characteristics.

We have access to a unique green propolis processing patent that allows an extraction purified and it’s differentiated from the bioflavonoids that contain. This marks a big difference in effectiveness and taste between our products and those in the market.

Our company is related to the Technology Park of Granada Health through research projects of new products.

We work with nutritional supplements and dry herbal extracts from Brazilian plants.
We distribute the raw material in powder and capsules. Check with us.